The Perfect Christmas Meltwarmer Gift Set
Give a heart-warming gift this Christmas with this Meltwarmer Gift Set from Yankee Candle. This set, which includes a Meltwarmer and four fragrances, makes a truly charming gift for any Yankee fans out there.
This gift set includes 4 Wax Melts and a Meltwarmer, as well as an unscented votive candle, which you light and place at the bottom of the Meltwarmer to melt the wax melts, which are placed in the top. The four fragrances of the Wax Melt are as follows;
Crackling Wood Fire
Build winter memories around a warm, cedarwood fire kindled with sweet whispers of nutmeg and warm amber.
Festive Cocktail
Celebrate with a tart concoction spiked with mountain berries and a sprig of fresh-spinned pine.
Shea Butter
Pure contentment, indulge yourself in this creamy smooth scent with hints of beautiful fruit blossoms.
Cinnamon Stick
The fragrant mystery of imported cinnamon bundled with cloves.