St Justin Small Pentagram Earrings

St Justin Small Pentagram Earrings


Pewter interlacing pentagram on surgical steel hooks.
Found in Celtic lore, the pentagram or pentacle, symbol of light to the Druids, represents the five divine aspects of earthly rule: The Stone of Destiny (Lia Fail); The Sword of Lugh; Magical Fiery Spear of Finias; Cauldron of Dagda (Ceridwen) from Murias; the Magical Boat of Manannan the Manx Sea God.

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Lifetime Guarantee
As with all St Justin products, this item comes with a lifetime guarantee. If there is a fault in the workmanship, we will repair or replace it free of charge. Simple.

Width: 21mm Length (incl. hook): 37mm
Supplied in a satin and velvet-lined gift box.


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