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Kharis Aroma Diffuser


The MadebyZen aroma diffuser is much more than just a standard electric fragrance diffuser.
With five different functions working as an aroma diffuser, mini humidifier, air purifier,
ioniser and nightlight, it turns any room into a haven of peace and tranquillity.




With its unique and elegant design, the Kharis epitomises purity with its sleek shape which lends itself to any decor and environment.
The Kharis Aroma diffuser and ioniser boosts your health by releasing negative ions into the air.     It also releases aroma oils into the air if required.

The Kharis is colour changing unit which can be paused on a particular colour, for whichever mood one feels.

The Kharis ioniser and aroma diffuser is a stylish unit which combines traditional aromatherapy with safe, easy to use technology. It gently releases essential oils to calm your senses and create a beautiful fragrance.

  • Gives intermittent bursts of fragrance
  • Colour changing through a vast array of shades
  • Safety sensor cuts power when water level drops too low
  • Humidifies and purifies air by releasing essential oils and negative ions
  • Easy to use, only needs tap water and essential oil
  • Mains operated (Adaptor supplied)
  • Height 25cm
  • Mood light can be used without the aroma mist function
  • Safe around children and pets

Kharis Aroma Diffuser and Ioniser is suitable for offices, bedrooms, hallways, lounges anywhere where fragrance or ionising is required.


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