Ashleigh & Burwood: Lamp Fragrance – Lime & Basil 500ml

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Ashleigh & Burwood: Lamp Fragrance – Lime & Basil 500ml


Lime & Basil:
Lamp Fragrance brings forth a tantalising freshness bursting from your Fragrance Lamp, as this scent blends invigorating lime with aromatic herbaceous notes of basil and energising rosemary.

PLEASE NOTE: Fragrance Lamps are intended to be used only with Ashleigh & Burwood Lamp Fragrances. Fragrance Lamps are not the same as our Oil Burners and cannot be used with Fragrance Oils as this will damage the Lamp’s wick.


Uniquely powerful, UK-made fragrances that gently cleanse the home, promoting wellbeing and creating your desired atmosphere. Choose from fragrances ranging from sweet and floral to spicy and woody, including Essential Oil Blends with natural essential oil extracts.
Did you know that Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamps don’t just fill your home with wonderful fragrance? They also purify the air, removing dust mites, mould spores and bacteria for a happier home.

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