Ashleigh & Burwood: Fragrance Lamp – Frosted Bloom Large

Ashleigh & Burwood: Fragrance Lamp – Frosted Bloom Large


Frosted Bloom: Handcrafted from delicate mosaic fragments in incandescent shades of pink and silver, with a dash of irridescent blue and green shimmer, Frosted Bloom is topped with a silver fretwork crown.


Ashleigh Burwood Fragrance Lamps don’t just fill your home with wonderful fragrance? They also purify the air, removing dust mites, mould spores and bacteria for a happier home.
Catalytic Lamps
Among the different solutions to perfume your spaces, the catalytic diffusers have a role of first importance. More likely called catalytic lamps, with their functioning system, they allow to absorb and burn the particles responsible for unpleasant odors, diffusing simultaneously a pleasant and persistent scent. This way, not only odors will quickly disappear, but your favorite fragrance will be diffused in all your room.


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