Chantilly Nest of Tables

Chantilly Nest of Tables


The Chantilly is a stunning collection of handcrafted furniture constructed from solid Fruitwood timber and incorporates both living and dining pieces. Every single piece of Chantilly has it’s own character, colour and grain, therefore no two pieces are ever the same, just as nature intended. Elegantly carved cabriole legs and ornate detailings add an extra touch of traditional style to a range that oozes personality, individuality and versatility. The Chantilly is solid, reliable furniture that is guaranteed to retain its irresistable appeal regardless of changing trends.

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Large Table
Height: 21.5″ – 55cm
Width: 21.5″ – 55cm
Depth: 14″ – 35cm

Medium Table
Height: 17.5″ – 44cm
Width: 15.5″ – 40cm
Depth: 13″ – 33cm

Small Table
Height: 14″ – 35cm
Width: 12″ – 30cm
Depth: 10″ – 25cm